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Why Portugal and Europe need the industry

Why Portugal and Europe need the industry

In Europe and in Portugal, we have witnessed with the 2008/2009 crisis, the mobility of industrial companies to countries/markets in other areas of the globe, Asia in particular, searching for more ambitious profitability through lower cost of labor.

Maintaining the profitability of industrial enterprises is concerned because it is no longer possible to compete only by the low cost of Human Resources. New factors are increasingly important in business competitiveness, as the Knowledge, Innovation and Qualified Human Resources (QHR). Because of this, we are witnessing the return to Europe of many of these industries.

The knowledge related to the QHR has become the most valued and detachable element of the strategic importance of the industry to more developed countries, with ambition in growing.

Its appreciation is identified by these factors that support increasingly a new industry, more competitive, transforming knowledge into more knowledge, providing downstream, to the services, innovative new content markets.

All Europe, except for Germany, northern Italy, Switzerland and Austria, has suffered the devastating effect of wrong policies that encouraged mostly a Europe of services and consumption, leaving abandoned to their own fate industry, with politicians excusing their lack of vision in action similar to Pilate.

The national economy is dramatically suffering from deindustrialization, as sometimes said Belmiro de Azevedo, as well as most European countries.

Today it stands out in the economy the strategic importance of the industry, in both Portugal and Europe. Just take a trip into the real economy and see increasingly knowledge flows, creativity, innovation, IN and OUT transferring value chain and knowledge between universities and companies, QHR demand and the increasing formation of global business leading to global companies.

In today's industry, even a devalued past floor cleaning worker, must give his place to a specialized QHR with broader functions based on more knowledge, with the ability to self-manage the information in the management system. Here, there is no room to discuss the minimum wage because it is, by far, exceeded.