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About us

About us

The DANOTEC is an association that represents and promotes the interests of industries related to defense, arms production and new technologies, integrating a diverse range of members such as: industrial enterprises; software companies; research institutes and university departments.


Its main objectives are:

• To represent the associate members in the various bodies related to defense industries and the production of weapons and new technologies;

• To advance the defense, armament and new technologies business sector responding to requests from both national and international level allowing the positioning of its associates in the financial and technological fields;

• To disseminate knowledge and promote research in the scientific and technological scope through publication release and organization of workshops and seminars.


Institutional relations:

• At a national level, the DANOTEC keeps a close institutional relationship with the Directorate for Resources of the Ministry of National Defense, which  provides information of potential interest to the National Defense Industry.

• At an international level, the DANOTEC and the AIAD (Associazione Industrie per Laerospazio Italiana) established a cooperation protocol to promote, develop and maintain in areas of mutual cooperation and technology and industrial safety, a continuous dialogue between the industry of both countries.


European associations:

The DANOTEC is a member of the ASD (Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe) and the President is part of the Board of Directors of this association.

The DANOTEC belongs to several Working Groups and Special Committees of the ASD.

The DANOTEC regularly receives from the ASD information of interest that is immediately disclosed among its members.


Other prominent activities:

• The DANOTEC integrates the CANEND (Comité Aeroespacial Nacional de Ensaios);

• The DANOTEC maintains a close relationship with the national representative in the NIAG (NATO Industrial Advisory Group) which has allowed the dissemination of several information regarding the studies of this organization. Some associate members integrate working groups of these studies;

• The DANOTEC monitors the activities and policies proposed by the European Defence Agency which could have significant consequences  in the European Defense Market.


Since July 1st 2014, DANOTEC is a member of the AED Portugal, Portuguese Aeronautic, Space and Defence Federation.

AED Portugal is a federation of the defense and promotion of the industry´s interests linked to the Aeronautics, Space and Defence in all matters of common interest with the aim of promoting and supporting the development of the sector.